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Sierra Stone

Sierra Stone is a natural stone paving material that has been Covering Ugly Concrete and proving its durability throughout North America for more than a quarter century. Sierra Stone™ offers an amazing array of natural stone materials coupled with some of the strongest Epoxy bonding agents developed by science. The finished product is chemical resistant and easy to clean. Resurfacing your existing concrete with this product enhances your home with decorative beauty and industrial durability.

Sierra Stone withstands the harshness of Canadian winters and the unforgiving heat of Phoenix sunshine. Whatever the conditions, Sierra Stone is strong enough to stand up to weather extremes without compromising elegant beauty. As it does all this it also adds value to your property and saves you demolition costs and the expense of pouring new concrete.


Cantina/Mini Pearl


Mini Pearl/Rainbow

Mini Pearl/Ebony


Grey Blend

Roan River


Multi Flint

Mini Pearl





Rainbow/Multi Flint

Sunset/Multi Flint

Mini Pearl/Sunset

Rubber Stone

Rubber Stone offers everything you would expect of Sierra Stone—Durability, Versatility, and Beauty. Where it differs is in its texture—Rubber Stone is flexible and has a softer touch. This creates a cushioning effect to minimize the effects of impact and fatigue from standing, walking, running, and playing on this surface.

Rubber Stone consists of small chips of rubber and a polyurethane binding agent, and this combination gives the material its flexibility and durability. Rubber Stone is a LEEDs (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) contributing recycled product that utilizes post-consumer waste: 25 square feet of installed product keeps 3 tires out of the landfill. A typical single-car driveway keeps 60 tires from reaching the landfill, and a two-car driveway keeps a whopping 120 tires out of the driveway!!

Rubber Stone is ideal for substrates that move or shift including decks, paving stones, asphalt driveways and concrete. Just like Sierra Stone, Rubber Stone can also be applied on a wide variety of interior surfaces. It works extremely well in basements, laundry areas, playrooms, and exercise rooms. This product is also exceptionally durable and can withstand the same harsh conditions that the tires on your car can endure—hot, cold, wet, and dry conditions, and heavy traffic. Installing Rubber Stone on your driveway is almost like giving it off-road capability—it’s simply that tough.












50% Cream


L. Grey/D. Grey/Black

50% Grey

L. Brown/D. Brown/Beige


50% Brown


EnduraFlake is perfect for garage, basement, workshop, and commercial space concrete floors. This decorative concrete coating works extremely well for industrial high traffic areas that require a smooth-finish working surface. This product is ideal in airplane hangars and warehouses where forklifts and other heavy vehicles transit regularly. EnduraFlake can withstand the same extreme stress as the concrete beneath it.

EnduraFlake is designed for areas that are frequently exposed to spills. The high-solids content of this product makes it chemical and stain resistant and easy to clean. Routine maintenance involves a quick rinse with water and a non-filming detergent. When this flooring is heavily soiled with oil, gas, grease or even paint, it can be thoroughly cleaned with a mop or carwash brush, and mild solvents such as paint thinner or WD-40.

While this product has a beautiful finish of its own, EnduraFlake can also be polished to a high-gloss showroom finish with the application of wax.




Saddle Tan


Maxines Blend

White Granite

Rare Earth

Independance Blue

Desert Butte

Cafe Mocha

Fire Brick

Acid Stain Floors

There is no better way to personalize your project than with permanent color stains that change ordinary concrete into elegant flooring giving the appearance of marble or polished stone! The green Kemiko product line is eco-friendly, economical, and easy to apply. Concrete stained with Kemiko Acid Stain or Rembrandt Polymer becomes extraordinary; a beautiful, durable, and long lasting sustainable surface.



Aqua Blue

Garden Gold

Golden Wheat



English Red

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Sierra Stone

Perfect for Driveways, Pools, Interiors, and Commercial Applications!

Rubber Stone

Perfect for Interiors, Pools, Driveways, and Commercial Applications!


Perfect for Industrial, Commercial,and Residential Applications!

Acid Stain Floors

Transforms an ordinary concrete slab, residential or commercial, into a luxurious floor

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